Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The "Real Housewife" of Decor Blogging

This is not my house.
(via The Selby)

I recently wrote a piece for The Powder Room about how my own house looks NOTHING like the fabulous spaces I feature here. A confession of sorts.

And I wanted to title it as above - but they changed it. I guess the Real Housewives phenomenon isn't main stream enough "across the pond."

Anyway - here's a lead in:

Since I started my decor blog in 2010, I've often wondered what the real lives of other design bloggers are like. Their posts are filled with beautiful spaces, their home projects always get finished and you never hear about anyone buying a sewing machine that stays in the box.

While perusing the impeccable interior design images, the photos of impossibly well groomed children, and weekends spent antiquing ....well I feel like a bit of a slob.

Don't get me wrong. I try to make my home pretty and warm. There are homemade cupcakes for my children's birthday parties (which admittedly taste better than they look), and I can pull together a lovely floral arrangement of seasonal flowers. But my house is usually kind of a mess. Piles of papers always creep onto my dining room table and I DO own a sewing machine that has never been taken out of the box.

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