Friday, February 4, 2011

Iron Suzani

This week, our blogger/photographer friend, Robin from Around the Island posted this beautiful image:

It's the back gate of the chapel on the Mount of the Beatitudes, but our first thought when we saw it was SUZANI.

While it's not a new popular decor trend, the use of Suzani textiles seems to be a lasting one.

They appeal to both minimalists looking for a punch of pattern and color to add to their otherwise spartan well as to full-on bohemian enthusiasts who require at least eight exotic print pillows per couch.

Here are some pretty examples from our inspiration files:

Have you seen other non-textile examples of Suzani-style designs. We will now have our eyes out for ceramic, tiles and IRON!

Images via: Annechovie, Caitlin McGauley, Calico Corners, Chinoiserie Chic, House Beautiful, Jackie Von Tobel, Little Green Notebook, Style Court, The Decorista


  1. How wonderful, I love the patterns and the colors - bright but not too bright, and somehow it all works (in moderation) without overwhelming.

    And you're right, the ironwork on the gate does have a very similar feel. Great catch Kate.

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  2. The patterns as well as the colors look dashing! Love it!

  3. I am a minimalist and typically style my home in neutral colors, but I have to say- I do like a splash of colors and pattern here and there and this has always been one of my favorite textiles to do just that. It has such a beautiful, natural, ethnic feel. There is something about it that is honest, if that makes doesn't seem synthetic, forced, flakily trendy, or insincere. I think it is destined to be a classic.

  4. Oh great, a new design obsession - just what I need! ;-) But seriously, I've never heard of this style, but I LOVE it. How have I not noticed that Annechovie print before? And in that first image, the second fabric from the left is just gorgeous. Lusting over it, I am.

  5. I LOVE the color of that starfish and I love how it's displayed on those books!


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