Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anxiously Anticipating Trad Home

From the inaugural issue of Lonny, we've been blown away by the level of creativity, content and straight up brilliance in what appears to be a revolution of online style magazines.

While the features devoted to contemporary and "edgy" decor don't quite fit with our own design aesthetic, they still wow us with their risk taking irreverence, approachability and sly introduction of new concepts, lines and colors based on older, more traditional styles. To a certain extent, this exposure to such different design philosophies has kept us from becoming too set in our ways - it's made us consider new things...

We also still hate a lot of it.

But isn't that what style is all about? Seeking out what works for you and consistently finding inspiration in both expected and unlikely places? To each his own - but pay attention to each might learn something?

Still - as far as the online magazines go, the scale is tipped toward the cutting edge. Not so much that they lose us completely - but enough that we often like "the idea" of a design - or possibly specific elements of it - rather than the design itself.

And this makes us feel frumpy.

And NO ONE likes feeling frumpy.

But a new online magazine scheduled to debut, April 12 on may just offer a perspective more in line with our own design sensibilities. Lonny founders Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline are teaming up with the publishers of Traditional Home to produce Trad Home, a digital issue of the glossy - one that covers "Young Traditional" spaces.

Per Michelle Adams: "We think this will appeal to the reader of Lonny, but it will be an entirely different product. You could say it will be a more grown-up version."

Much like the more contemporary and "mid-century" leanings of new design that we see so much of online, Traditional Home sometimes loses us with their opposite spectrum of palatial estates, frequently featuring swag window treatments and overstuffed everything. While we relate to much of the content in each of the highly diverse sources, we're often a little on the fence.

Perhaps this new project bringing the two together will be where we find our niche. We're very much looking forward to finding out this Spring!

Sources: Curbed, Habitually Chic, Media Bistro, Simplified Bee and So Haute

Images: Bonesteel Trout Hall, Jamie Herzlinger, Megan Yager Design, and Sarah Gilbane Interiors

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