Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue Magic

The blue palette that Tobi Fairley used in her March 2010 House Beautiful cover feature was universally sigh-worthy. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary style, the layout, furniture and color choices would provide a beautiful starting point for almost anyone's personal touch.

And just last week on her blog, Tobi shared a slew of pictures that show an astonishing transformation. If the HB cover didn't blow you away, the before and after images will:

The styling of the magazine cover softened up the couch with throw pillows, but we would have preferred something a little less...furry. Either way - it's stunning.

Here are more that we loved:

What we didn't love? The dining room:

This puts us in the minority of course, as there has been much praise for the two things that perplex us. First? That totally superfluous cushioned bench. Exactly who is going to be sitting there? It's about as useful as a bathroom reading nook. It may look nice, but unless you are throwing a big party with people filling every room, we just don't see the need for additional seating. The space would have been better used for display purposes. She could have done something just as fabulous with some built in shelves, art and sideboard space.

The other feature that makes us cringe is that chandelier. While on trend at the moment, it will look ludicrous in ten years. Maybe less. If you really love something and it speaks to your personal sense of style, then trend transience shouldn't deter you from your choice. BUT our guess is that the person who owns this house will be ripping out that lighting fixture the minute it starts to look dated.

The other space that really didn't grab us is the shiny master bedroom:

It's just a little too icy. And shiny. And austere. And shiny.

The mirror above the bed AND the mirrored side tables are a bit much, but paired with that sleazy poly-blend looking (probably outrageously expensive) bedspread, it's just a little too cold for a bedroom. Perhaps a furry pillow would have softened things up a bit?

Personal differences of opinion aside, we love the colors, textiles, window treatments, accessories...there was just so much to admire. All in all, the decor shows how you can take traditional style and modernize it. That you really don't have to sacrifice comfort and that you can make "pretty" look sophisticated.

See the full story HERE.


  1. Fab post! I will gladly be the one in a sexy cocktail dress sipping prosecco on the dining room bench! But I'm with you re the bedroom -- too much sparkle , even for me!

  2. Wow, I LOVED this house and I think I love it even more now that I know what it looked like before Tobi got a hold of it!


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