Monday, January 10, 2011

Color of the Year

Last year we wrote about how Pantone's color for 2010 was OUR color: turquoise.

And last month we saw the 2011 palette:

And the official color is honeysuckle pink.

Yeah - we thought honeysuckle flowers were white and orange too. But here is the pink version:

Hmmm. Not as obvious a match for us as turquoise...but let's take a look at some images.

Okay - I think that works for us. It's not our signature color - but it fits quite nicely with our color aesthetic. It's both warm and cheerful and sophisticated and modern. In fact it's already in the shop. (Since we have most colors in the shop - the odds were good.)

Well happy 2011 - and here's to another year full of bright, beautiful Key West color!

Images from Babble, Belle Maison, Fashion Indie, and Pantone.


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  2. i like the bees wax color, very pretty with the honeysuckle it much more than the pink!

  3. So funny, until I saw all these images you've put together I thought I didn't like honeysuckle - but I'd LOVE to have most of those rooms in my own house. Not that Matt would agree, but you know, in my dream house!


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