Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Color in Work Spaces

One nice thing thing about owning a home decor shop is that we are surrounded by beautiful things. Home offices on the other hand, require a little more planning.

More often than not, people use color to personalize their spaces. It can be done easily on any budget - even if it's just a stack of brightly jacketed books or a hasty floral arrangement. A work space makeover can be done quickly and cheaply - and greatly improve the quality of your day.

And if you do have a little money to invest... How fun are these inexpensive desk accessories from iomoi?

It's amazing what a huge difference a cup full of colorful pencils or a pretty notepad can make. Opulently ornate or classically simple, bohemian or preppy - any work space would benefit from a splash of color and pattern.

What's your current work space style? What should it be?

*All images pulled from Brabourne Farm, The Decorista and iomoi.


  1. Oh my god I want to move into that office with the white couch, pink pillows and the blue wall with loads of oceany photos. Heaven in a room!

  2. I love my home office space! It is filled with treasures and art from my travels...a nice window for natural light and a little fountain for that soothing water sound...... ahhhhh...

    Lovely post!

  3. Those are gorgeous rooms - and such fun pencils! I have a bunch of pencils on my desk at work in a container- they are 3rd grade style, with my name on them, in various bright colors. They are supposed to be like an office supply centerpiece for my desk, and they make me happy. PEOPLE TAKE THEM! They think they are like a giveaway or something when I have meetings. My NAME is on them. It's so weird!!

  4. “More often than not, people use color to personalize their spaces.” – Very true, Kate! Color has an amount of significance with your home office space. It reflects your personality. In addition, it sets the mood of the room. Dark-toned colors can make the room look gloomy, while lighter shades can make it look inviting.

    Clayton Steadham


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