Friday, September 3, 2010

Apples to Apples?

I visited Santa Fe last weekend and returned with a real estate catalog, thinking it would be interesting to post two properties--one in Santa Fe and one in Key West--that are the same price and to compare the features of both.

While it may seem that Santa Fe and Key West couldn't be more different, the two towns actually share some similarities. Both are towns with year-round residents as well as seasonal folks. Both can boast outdoor adventure and resort lifestyles: Santa Fe has mountains and Key West has water. And both towns are artsy meccas attracting both the glitterati and the quirky; however, the glitter in Key West tends to be worn by the drag queens!

But the real estate is decidedly different. Obviously the constraint of living on an island with only so much space vs. the great wide open of New Mexico makes square footage biggest difference between homes in Key West and Santa Fe. Take a look at these two properties both listed at $995,000.

813 Frances Street, Key West

18 Primrose Circle, Santa Fe

Here's how the details compare:

Square Footage:
813 Frances St. - 1,450
18 Primrose Cir. - 3,300

Cost per square foot:
813 Frances St. $686.21
18 Primrose Cir. - $301.51

Lot size:
813 Frances St. - .06 acre (2,759 sq.ft.)
18 Primrose Cir. - 1.5 acres (65,340 sq.ft.)

913 Frances St. - 2
18 Primrose Cir. - 3

913 Frances St. - 2 full
18 Primrose Cir. - 2 3/4

913 Frances St. - pool and off-street parking (this is a biggie in Key West)
18 Primrose Cir. - 3 fireplaces and heated attached garage

Big thanks to Marquis Properties Realty and Doug Mayberry Real Estate in Key West and to Rush/Van Camp in Santa Fe. One visit to their websites will have you running out to buy a lottery ticket! The hardest part will be deciding which town to choose.


  1. Hi Caroline..
    beautiful comparisons..
    as a former resident of Key West,I understand the value of off street parking..
    love and miss Key West..
    but also could see myself in Santa Fe..
    in the winter!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. And in Manhattan, you could get maybe 850 sq. feet and perhaps a bathroom with a window (which they actually include in the advertisements). I remember Key West prices rivaled parts of New York and since land is at a premium, there is equivalency in size of things. I didn't realize the $$ went so far in Santa Fe, however. That was eye-opening. What a place. I loved that house...

  3. The first house is a dream! :)

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.. I apprecate it! :) Happy 10 year anniversary to you and your hubby! That's amazing! :) Enjoy!


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