Monday, May 24, 2010


My good friend Anna once wrote a hilarious post mocking design journalists for their prolific use of the word "fearless" when it comes to color choices for interiors.

I want to quote her, but I can't find it... Either way it went something along the lines of putting hot pink and orange together in the living room not really warranting a badge of courage.

So every time I see a bold color palette used for otherwise traditional spaces, I have to laugh.

These rooms made me think of Anna's astute snark. The use of textiles and color is rich, gutsy, fun and FEARLESS:

Images via Hamilton Design, MMR Interiors, Ruthie Sommers and Katie Ridder


  1. Love these images-- and how fun to be quoted!

  2. Those colorful rooms are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the blue library/living room. Just gorgeous.

  4. Anna is very right. Color choice isn't exactly an act of true courage, but I do love it when designers recognize that and TAKE SOME RISKS! There's way too much seriousness in design.

  5. I am not afraid of color -- so these images really speak to me. Especially the first one. I love it! But I have to be snarky too - that last one? It looks like they ran out of tile! ha!


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