Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elle Decor's 2011 A List - Designer #3: Sheila Bridges

*Each week, I'll be looking at Elle Decor's "A List" of designers for 2011. See full details on here.

Today's spotlight is on Sheila Bridges.

Here is what Elle Decor says about her:

This New York decorator is known for her savvy updates on traditional Americana—from her handsome design for Bill Clinton’s Harlem offices to the spirited interiors of her own Colonial weekend home in New York’s Hudson Valley. She has a fashionista’s sense of pattern and color (yellow is a favorite) and an eye for the standout element—a Fornasetti rug, a Frank Gehry cardboard chair—that makes a room click.
Here are some pictures.

This was an easy one. I really like Sheila's work.

I love her subtle use of color and eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. And of course, yellow is my favorite...

I keep coming back to the first room above (also shown from a different perspective halfway down). I would never think to upholster all three pieces of furniture in the main seating area in the same fabric - especially one that matches the wall color. Now I want to do that in every room of my house. Okay - that would be excessive - but I'm crazy about that space!

Other thoughts: I like that the rooms are full of art, books, and personal objects, but they don't seem cluttered. The general impression is clean and modern, but the elegant furnishings still convey a sense of home and comfort. Traditional pieces and design elements give balance to some of the whimsical touches and the effect is that of warm and welcoming sophistication.

What do you think of this designer? Any differing opinions?

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