Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Thursday Featured Guest: Key West Artist, Eric Afinson

For the First Thursday Holiday Open House last week, Style Key West was excited to host Key West artist, Eric Anfinson, who shows at Lucky Street Gallery. Eric's haunting portraits tell a story of a spiritual evolution, both of the artist and the subject.

Eric's own story is as inspiring as the work he exhibits. At 16, he suffered a football injury causing paralysis and minimal use his limbs. But in his thirties, he began painting. Thanks to some flexibility in his right arm and shoulder, he found that he had enough movement to put paintbrush to canvas. And the successful career that followed tells the rest of the story.

This year, in addition to his collection of five boxed note cards, Eric has created a 2011 wall calendar. The calendar is a "red balloon project," and 10 percent of the proceeds goes to the Just For Kids Art Program in Bahama Village, here in Key West. You can visit his website for more information about Eric and his Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing his calendars and note cards.

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  1. fun!!!
    We were in Key West last Christmas....oh how I miss it!! I love that place....lucky you to live there:):)


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